Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a thought ...

Before October Batman Morrisonia just goes crazy on us.

I'm not sure I expect it to actually happen, but to me it feels like ... if Return of Bruce # 5 is the Gotham of Bruce's childhood - he's visiting the Gotham where "Batman is born" on Park Row outside the theater where Zorro plays. He's visiting the Gotham where Joe Chills lurks and is going to discover just how ensconced in it all the Black Glove and Doctor Hurt really were ... in a sort of seedy fusion of the 30's and 70's ...

Then it seems like Return of Bruce # 6 might revisit "Robin Dies At Dawn".

I'm curious to see how that plays out. The possibility of Bruce Wayne being there, watching himself as Batman earlier in his career. A historical lynch-pin of an issue that really SHOWS us all the stuff we've been TOLD. Doctor Hurt. That military general. The isolation experiment (that'd be a full-circle on the whole Thogal running theme). The "MISSING DAY" from when Batman faced the "THREE GHOSTS". These are massively important events that factor majorly into the Black Glove's attack on Bruce, and we haven't actually WITNESSED any of them.

So I just wanted to make it known that I'm pulling for ROBW#6 to be focused on that very point of Batman's life (and a little mysterious "Bruce helping Bruce" stuff).

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  1. It's all setting up to be a huge climax, I know I can't wait.