Saturday, September 24, 2011

The School of Night

I haven't much to say yet.

The one ray of light following the end of Bryan Q. Miller's Stephanie Brown driven Batgirl book is that the follow-up writer for Stephanie is Grant Morrison. So she's going back to being Spoiler ... this is fine. Her Batgirl costume, though it grew on us, was pretty garish. So was her Spoiler costume.

The ideal thought here ... the take home for today ... is my curiosity on whether it's Cam Stewart or Chris Burnham, or Grant hisself gets to redesign Spoiler, and I'll take one of those boys super-hero style sensibilities any day.

(I'd make it easy on 'em ... something of the same costume she's been wearing ... ditch the bat-symbol off the chest in favor of a small "Inc." badge on the clasp of the cape. Bring back the hooded look, but not the full-face mask look. Leave that platinum blond look exposed. Shore up the silly belt and thigh pouch. Keep homaging the 60's Batgirl TV costume's levels of purple. Voila.

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